It's all about the STORY!

Use games right, and you will create a viral wave of your brand that will prove to your public you are strong, creative, valuable and clever.

Gaming: Serious Business

Games can be a truly interactive communication medium that can add significant value to your brand when woven into a comprehensive communications strategy.

By now, businesses are getting the picture that to stay relevant in the public, be valuable and strengthen branding for business development and sustainability, it’s necessary to look at that scary abyss of communications strategies fearlessly.

But why games?

Like all things–not just any games. They have to be good games. They have to speak to your particular brand. They have to be easily transferred via email or social nets. They have to entertain and engage. They have to promote your brand in a clear but inviting, energizing, motivational way. (Remember to market values).

Depending on your budget, you can do this at low-cost or high cost with custom-designed games that immerse players into your branding universe.

If the game is “cool” enough, players will pass on links, embed in their sites, etc. Now players are doing your advertising for you.

Think GAMES.

Below is information about a blog that explains this more in-depth. Please click on the link below and find much more information. The part about ad-supported gaming is towards the middle of their blog (as of right now). Great stuff! Thanks Digital Worlds!

Digital Worlds – Interactive Media and Game Design
A blogged course production experiment…

From Blog Post AD SUPPORTED GAMING posted 10/27/08
Here is a description of using a game AS an advertisement
“Advergames are games that are heavily branded and as such essentially “are” the advert. Advergames typically present a game world that reflects the advertiser’s branding, or at least the message the advertiser wants to communicate, and in so doing potentially engages the interest of the player for many valuable minutes in what advergame developer Skyworks calls ‘branded interactive entertainment’”.

From Blog Post MAKING CASUAL GAMES PAY posted 10/28/08
A grrrreat! description of embedding ads in casual games
“Casual games are seen to be similar to television sitcoms in that ‘…in exchange for the ability to play and be entertained for a short period of time, people are willing to watch ads’ (these ads correspond to the interstitial or pre-roll ads that were described in Ad-Supported Gaming). However, it is also possible “to integrate dynamic in-game advertising platforms into the game. [That is, in-game advertising.] With the constant connection, the adverts can be altered based upon a player’s moves, or even their geographic location, providing targeted and more effective advertising. … It wouldn’t be surprising if in-game ads soon become integral to the content of a game, offering clues, extra levels or other hidden rewards for the player who clicks through.” In-game advertising, even in casual games, offers the potential for interaction. By engaging the player emotionally in the game, they may well be forced to pay more attention to the promotional message or advertised goods (for example, if you have to go in search of the missing Nuvo Cola can…!)”

For more information contact me website:

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