It's all about the STORY!

Gary Vaynerchuk puts his story out there–in every way imaginable. People refer to him as everything from brilliant and a powerhouse to a thought leader. Sounds like publicity hype? Don’t worry, there are a few out there who find him to be loud and crass, too.  Truthfully, he’s a little bit of all those things, and that’s what makes him great! My opinion, he’s on-fire passionate and that passion is contagious–he spreads it on liberally to anyone who cares to pay attention. Not only is he passionate–he’s knowledgable. He’s knowledgable about his trade: wine, and he’s equally if not more knowledgable about his audience and how to connect with them in a meaningful way. This shows in everything… EVERYTHING he does. Watch him on winelibrary tv, read his Tweets, his book, watch him during an interview or best yet, watch him speak in public.

Gary Vaynerchuk

If you’re not familiar with Gary yet (I’m a little surprised), check out some of his sites:;;

You may have noticed the fact that I have not yet mentioned that Gary is best-known for being a social networking rockstar. This wasn’t an unintentional omission. I’m getting to it, I promise. In reading “CRUSH IT!,” it provides very clear steps and recommendations on how to develop a brand, cashing in on your passion, and using the web and social networking platforms. He would know, he’s done it with a level of mastery that outshines most anyone’s. He also nows which mediums best suit his particular style and recommend other styles Yet, while the book is very descriptive about methods and platforms–I believe the greatest value in the content isn’t in those chapters. It’s the stories. It’s Gary’s stories that connect with you, that bring you inside his world and offer you the privilege of seeing the world, for a moment, through his eyes. These stories also project Gary’s sincere commitment to motivate you, the reader, to work to spend your life doing what you love. Put your family first and your work second. Hustle and CRUSH IT!

I realize that this may sound a bit more like a marketing post than a book review. That’s okay. I assure you that while I follow Gary on Twitter, I do not know him, and I am not necessarily even endorsing his book. Really, I’m not. Because “CRUSH IT!” isn’t for everyone. It’s not for the guy who thinks “good enough” is perfectly fine. It’s not for the person who enjoys going to work in an office everyday and doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd. But, if you’re reading this blog, “CRUSH IT!” probably is for you. Just my guess.

Truthfully, not everyone is cut out to do what Gary does. He talks a lot about DNA and being true to yourself. Personally, I know my DNA. Neither of my parents worked for other people for very long. Most of their life they were free agents, creating opportunities, networking and making things happen for themselves, their family and community. I realized that I was living waaaay out-of-synch with my DNA for a long time. Far too long. And this wake-up-call lead me to where I am now, working my tail-end off to design, create and live my next chapter in life. For more about this, please check out

But that’s me. Sincerely, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur at all or even cut out to develop a personal brand to boost their value in their industry and job market. I will say that if starting a business doing something you love has you researching the web late at night, following and commenting on blogs on a subject you love, if you have a deep passion that you love to talk about or write about, and you find yourself thinking and dreaming about fulfilling a dream, an ambition, you’ll want to buy a copy of “CRUSH IT!” Who knows, it might inspire you to write a blog post that sounds a bit like a marketing piece, too.


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  2. Thanks for reposting this. Much appreciated –Daphne

  3. I loved the book! Good luck with your plan to move abroad.

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