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…and one point lost for the insurance industry.

 Finally. A spark of sensibility related to healthcare reform. The insurance industry continues to try to force Americans to purchase their products. They’ve used the excuse that a mortgage is not required to be housed and that driving a car is a privilege. Maybe. (Though more landlords are REQUIRING renters insurance and try working in most industires in most parts of the country without having a car.) However, forcing all Americans to have health insurance because… they are Americans? This is going way too far. So now this–a ray of hope:

 A federal judge in Virginia struck down portions of the Obama administration’s health reform law Monday. District Judge Henry Hudson ruled the individual mandate to buy health insurance to be unconstitutional. The case, brought by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, is expected to go to the Supreme Court.

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Go ahead and try to make an argument about the strain the uninsured place on our healthcare system… the same argument made about the costs associated with uninsured drivers. Go make the excuse that home lenders deserve to have their investment insured (at your expense). I’ll tell you a tale of people who work one, two even three jobs. Many are college educated and/or skilled with significant successful work experience. They arethe working  poor. They are struggling to stay housed, and some have lost their homes. They are struggling to keep healthy food on the table for their families while keeping the lights on. They are trying to pool resources with friends and family–buying in bulk and sharing, carpooling, renting rooms from one another, sharing the burden of child care to try to surive. Many will never benefit from an insurance claim. Ever. Many who have high-end medical insurance from their places of employment still don’t see doctors and dentists regularly when there’s a problem because they can’t afford the deductibles. Only “preventative” care is well-covered.

Other insurances: let’s talk about car accidents. If personal injury isn’t involved and the property damage isn’t massive (which is the case with most accidents), many tend not to file claims even when it’s warrented in fear of higher insurance rates. In Florida, homeowners insurance is notoriously bad at paying out claims, finding any possible reason to cheat people. Oh, and let’s talk about malpractice insurance that keeps medical expenses sky-high, and many young doctors and dentists wonder if they will ever be able to survive between this and their enormous student loan debt. In then end, I know that the vast majority of individuals who own various types of insurance policies, most forced upon them, pay fantastically more in insurance payments than they will ever see in claims–if they ever file a claim. Many won’t.

 Personally, I have a much more sinister view of the insurance industry than I have even expressed above.  At it’s best, insurance is nothing more than gambling, and you are betting AGAINST yourself. You are betting that YOU WILL experience misfortune and loss. In fact, if there is a difference between insurance and gambling it is that in gambling, you are betting on yourself–that you will win. In insurance, you are betting against yourself, that you will lose. Would you ever be so grim in a casino? Food for thought.


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