It's all about the STORY!

Communication: Remain open. Open to receive new messages in new ways and to be openly responsive to the messages of others. Remain open to new ideas, especially if you find them challenging. Your first job is to actively listen. You can communicate back with far greater effectiveness when you first grasp then respond to the needs and messages of your audience. They will know you are communicating with them versus at them.


Comments on: "Thought of the day: Remain Open" (4)

  1. That’s what lot of us are having problems with….Listening!

  2. Yes, there are really people who doesn’t want to listen. They didn’t know that through listening, they’ll be open to new ideas and opportunities. Two heads are really better than one.

    • Thanks for commenting. Two heads, teamwork and collective intelligence are key to progress–agreed! And it’s okay if you don’t agree–some of the best solutions are birthed from disagreements.

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