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A Good Idea: Specializing

Daphne Taylor Street

Hello blog followers! I wanted to attract more blog followers by giving you, the readers here, topics that interest you in an organized fashion. So, I began reorganizing this blog. Yet, the more I planned this out, the more confusing this became. This plan obviously was not going to work. Then it came to me–I need to create specialized blogs so that people know that they are following a blog that means something to them.

So, I now have seperate blogs that cover differnet topics instead of covering all of these topics on a  single blog. My blog was becoming increasingly confusing for people to follow or more importantly, they didn’t want to follow it. Specific posts get huge regular hits, but the blog alone is only followed by a few people who know me personally. Why? I’m all over the place. I can’t generate a following of movie addicts, foodies, performing artists, nonprofit and community lovers, artists or communications geeks because my posts are spread out over all of these topics.

My goal is to post at least every other day on each blog. Considering all of the things I do and the amount of writing I do, this should be easy. I hope you’ll find an interest in one of these topics and follow along, comment on topics and participate with me. I’ll finish setting these up and will post on each site, introducing them one at a time in a blog post here. Thanks for hanging in with me here at Daphne Street’s blog, which will soon be dedicated solely to communications with a heavy integration of gaming and new media.

Happy Trails  –Daphne


Comments on: "A Good Idea: Specializing" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    good idea! Been enjoying the blog so far. Keep it up.

    • Thanks very much! Glad I have a small audience for my disorganized yet well-written mind-casting. I’m looking forward to having the new blogs launch. I’ll start launching them all next week–beginning Monday–one per day. I hope people will find subjects they like and keep track of the different specialties. Thanks so much for commenting and for the encouragement! –Daphne

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