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Book Review: Moonwalking with Einstein.

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Fascinating work worth sharing! I have a strange memory… I can memorize scripts and songs with just an average amount of effort. Terminology and numbers or formulas–can’t sink them into my head. Some memory tricks work some of the time. Others not at all. I’ll remember the life history a stranger gives me but never his name. I remember very early parts of my childhood–even being in my crib, but family vacations are fuzzy and so is young adulthood. I’d love to have a better memory and stop depending so much on the memories of machines, but our culture has made a shift in that direction, and I followed along like the proverbial lemming. Memory–many things are worth remembering.


Comments on: "Book Review: Moonwalking with Einstein" (2)

  1. Just bought this book! It started out as a great read, then got distracted and put it down. Seems I’ll have to give it another go round!

  2. Ha! Yep–that happens… nice to brush off an old friend and reacquaint, no?

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