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Rep. Kip Smith arrested on DUI charges

See Full Article from “Think Progress” here:

A Georgia Republican [and State Representative] who wants all welfare reciepients subject to drug tests failed one himself after he ran a red light on Friday morning.

Georgia Rep. Kip Smith was charged with three offenses: two DUI charges, and the third, failure to obey a traffic control device. He was arrested early Friday morning and was later released on bond.

 Dear Rep. Smith:

Alcohol is a drug. While the consumption is not illegal at the moment, being intoxicated on this substance or others whilst driving is. Now you know. Hypocrite.



Madness–our civil liberties are taking a backseat to asses who believe their privilege makes them above the law. Perpetuating inequity on the grandest scale–how ’bout NOT forcing drug testing on welfare recipients, brainiac who’s been charged with a DUI on a fine Friday morning. Do you KNOW how many prescriptions can pop a flag on a drug screen depending on the spectrum used? Does the State really have the cash to test and process all of the appeals that must go along with such measures? You think THAT will SAVE the State money? Madness!

Full Article from “The Atlanta Journal Constitution” here:


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