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Organic Pumpkin Hummus

Someone asked me for a recipe using items from a supermarket–no cooking involved. Here’s a great organic (mostly) pumpkin hummus:Pumpkins and Mums

  1. purchase one container of prepared hummus (plain or just about any flavor you like)
  2. purchase one small can of organic unsweetend pumpkin
  3. purchase a container of jerk seasoning (dry not the wet stuff made of corn syrup)
  4. purchase one lemon (or lime)
  5. Purchase veggies for dipping (sweet peppers, endive, celery… whatever)

Mix the first two ingredients together. Add the juice from 1/4 – 1/2 of the lemon and season to taste with jerk seasoning blend.

Eat with veggies, and you will have leftovers for other meals (great on veggie, turkey, chicken, beef or shrimp lettuce wraps, too!)


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