It's all about the STORY!

A tribute to 1 Million Cups, St. Petersburg Greenhouse. Thank you! 1 Million Cups is a weekly educational program designed to engage, educate, and accelerate communities of entrepreneurs.

Tell Your Story.

By: Daphne Taylor Street

Copyright (c) March 9, 2014

I’d cringe during introductions, especially under professional circumstances. I’m not shy, and I know I’m great at what I do, and I certainly needed to attract more prospects, but I dreaded that inevitable question much like other people dread public speaking or swimming in shark infested waters, “So, what do you do?”

Deep breath, and here we go: “I’m a writer,” I’d say.

Then they ask, of course “So, what do you write?”

“Uhhh. Just about anything. What do you need?” I’d answer.

Wrong answer. Eyes glaze over, everyone rapidly switches the subject. I didn’t even have the good fortune of a bad pitch – I had no pitch, but technically, I didn’t have a better answer. What do I write? The longer version is that I write multi-million dollar award-daphnepictureBandWwinning grants and proposals; create economic development and  feasibility studies…

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