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A middle aged woman just flew up to my second story window and perched on the small balcony. Her plumage was as impressive as her wing-span. A dark-toned periwinkle with dark smoky gray and white trim and pale mauve accents around her face. She seemed to be staring off at a tree. As I tapped gently on the window, hoping not to startle her but rather to catch her gaze, she smiled and nodded her head at me, letting me know that she might welcome my company, briefly. I slid open the balcony door, having just poured a tall glass of hibiscus tea, offering the glass with an outstretched hand. She accepted with another nod and offering her outstretched hand to receive. As she took small sips, we discussed all matter of flight–flights of joy and fancy, flights of acrobatics and skill, flights of whimsy and beauty, flights of fear and…

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