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eBooks: An Exciting Emerging Communications Tool & Profitable

iPad, Nook, Kindle and several other formats of eBooks are taking the publishing industry by storm and turning the tables for self-publishers. As most business people know, developing and sustaining profitable intellectual property/passive income is the single most important investment, I recommend creating eBooks. Here are some industries that can benefit off the top:

  1. Restaurants: develop and publish cook books to promote your restaurant and help brand its cuisine. Include historical notations of the restaurant or amusing/entertaining stories about its staff and guests. It can have lots of graphics or just a few to highlight the best your publication has to offer. Selling this will not only remind people to be excited about your food, but it will also broaden your market reach, helping to target tourists and media.
  2. Artists: Do you paint, sculpt, work with metal, wood, glass, beads or t-shirts… no matter your medium or how high-quality or grassroots, creating an eBook will greatly increase your exposure in your community and to new markets. From your brainstorming and creative process to the beginning stages and mistakes and mishaps to the grand creations, you can document whatever story you find compelling to tell your audiences. Lure them into the tale of your creations.
  3. Performing Arts: Do you dance, sing, act, perform spoken word? This medium is for you. Collect a photographic profile to portray your experiences and the process of creation. Tell a story about you and your art. If you don’t write, hire a ghost writer (like me)–many won’t charge as much as you might fear (like me), though some will. Use this to gain exposure and increase your brand for audiences and prospective patrons and directors.
  4. Nonprofits: Your role as a visionary professional is critical to your community. You change the landscape of your community by the services, advocacy and philanthropy you offer. Tell your story. Let your public know that you are often a silent and overlooked thread in the fiber holding their community together. Use this to help educate the community on your importance and to assist in cultivating donors and underwriters that see your value, perhaps from a very different perspective, perhaps for the very first time.
  5. Small Businesses: You are our community’s heroes! You are symbols of overcoming odds and surviving through tough times and succeeding through determination, creativity and hope. Your story is an inspiration! Tell it. Share it. Remind your public that you are here, serving them and need their patronage to stay alive.
  6. Bigger Businesses: Often you began as a small business or a great idea or invention that rose to the top. You dared to dream big and made that dream come true. You employ hundreds, even thousands of people and provide goods and services that consumers and other businesses or even our government counts on to live and thrive. Your story is about strength and dedication and growth. Remind your public that the seed of where you began has only made you larger not heartless. Tell your tale.
  7. Museums: You are of and for your community. Remind them. Remind your community about your history, what you have to offer, where you are headed. Remind your community that your doors are open wide to welcome them and their families. That there are no barriers regarding race, gender, creed, socio-economic status–you are here for all. Your story is critical to the prosperity and preservation of your community’s history, arts, dreams and innovations. What you truly curate is culture, and you are open to everyone.

You don’t need to do it alone. Hire a freelance writer, photographer, graphic artist and/or a consultant to assist. A consultant (like me) can coordinate all the talent and expertise you need to get your eBook developed, converted to the various digital formats needed and digital checkout through your website and on the purchasing lists of Kindle, Nook and iPad. Most often the full development and publishing process will cost between $900 – $3,000 from beginning to end. Are you interested? Feel free to contact me at Street Media:

So, you want to hire a communications consultant. Great idea! Here’s what to look for…


Hiring a communications consultant:


Do not hire a consultant who wants to change you or your image. Do hire a consultant who understands you & the image you want to portray. Best practices in communications is about authenticity. Your consultant should help amp up the volume on who you are and help you communicate you and your brand authentically, effectively and efficiently. That’s communication in the 21st Century.

Want to find out a bit more or even hire a communications consultant? Please feel free to contact me directly and visit my website:

New Media Communications Consulting: for the beginner–how to avoid scams and paying for ineffective strategies

So, you want to hire a communications consultant to help boost your on-line marketing effectiveness? That’s a great idea. But they keep talking in acronyms you barely understand such as SMO and SEO without really telling you want it all means–why it’s valuable to you.

SMO and SEO are acronyms of great meaning in the world of communications consulting and new media marketers. If your idea of social media optimization (SMO) is posting all your family vacation photos AND videos for your “friends” to see in a couple clicks from your mobile device, you’re not alone. However, this leaves you in a difficult position when you go to hire a communications/marketing consultant to manage your business’s social media campaign.

Social Media Optimization is all about driving unique visitors to your website and business and ultimately creating customers and supporters of you brand/products/services/cause. At its best, SMO will identify and attract unique visitors of a certain profile who are most likely to be current customers, potential customers and/or supporters who will help spread the word about your brand/products/services/cause. Clearly, this could make a huge positive impact on your business’s success.

This is similar to another buzzword, search engine optimization (SEO), where a set of strategies, used properly, will help drive unique visitors to your website and business. Again, at best, the strategies employed will target a particular type of visitor who has already demonstrated some interest in a topic addessed by your business as evidenced by their web search interests, etc.

So, what we are focusing on here is not just SMO or SEO but target marketing. Marketing that targets a group of customers whom businesses have decided to aim their marketing strategies/messages and likewise their products and services.

Why does this matter? You will have far better success in turning 1,000 unique visitors to your website into customers/supporters if they are already interested in your products/services or at least show signs of fitting your target market’s demographics. For instance, it isn’t very helpful marketing a new micro-brewed beer to a group of individuals who are responding to blog posts on how to survive unemployment.

While this may sound obvious, I’ve said all of this to say this: beware of communications consultants/ marketers who try to feed you an SMO (or SEO) plan, which doesn’t strategize for target marketing. I’ve seen far too many consultants pad up clients Facebook “friends/likes” and Twitter “followers” with thousands of fellow marketing professionals whose personal profiles contain thousands of “friends/likes/followers” whom they follow and whom follow them.

For the most part, this is a worthless strategy, attracting nothing but marketers looking to pad their followers numbers and who have no interest in your business, products or services at all. They will not interact with you and help you build meaningful collaborative relationships, and they will not help you gain more customers or supporters. What they will do is often fill your view of messages from followers with endless chatter and make it difficult for you to decipher a true supporter from one who is just padding your numbers.

I say for the most part, because there are exceptions where this is useful. These exceptions exist when you are referring to income generated from ads and click-throughs etc. In some of these cases, large numbers of followers can help generate revenue for you, but certainly not the loyal supporters of your brand/products and services you need for true business sustainability. Plus, it doesn’t represent the best that social networking has to offer in terms of augmenting relationship-building, two-way communication and loyalty among customers and potential customers.

Beware of consultants who can’t or don’t map out a SMO plan for you that includes target marketing. There are far too many in this field who are looking to pad their own pockets with your money for merely padding your numbers of social media followers, conning you into thinking they’ve done a great job. What value was brought to the table for each strategy implemented? That’s the question you need answered. This will determine the value of your consultant.

Who is Daphne Street?

Daphne Street

About who I am:

Daphne Taylor Street is a freelance writer, blogger, grant/proposal writer, nonprofit development consultant, communications consultant, public speaker and internet radio personality in the Tampa Bay area. She has been a professional in the nonprofit industry for more than 18 years, spanning everything from fine and performing arts to substance abuse and mental health services. In the summer of 2011, Daphne left her full-time job as a grant writer to pursue her freelance writing and communications consulting business in full-force, and added her former employer as a client.


WHAT DOES DAPHNE DO? Daphne’s focus is on strengthening her local community and beyond through dynamic business strategies, creating value for businesses while helping to develop diverse revenue streams.


To further this goal, Daphne works hand in hand with small businesses, nonprofits and artists; armed with a background in communications, marketing, private sector funding procurement and nonprofit development; to help them amplify their branding and communications to increase overall business sustainability and growth.


RESULTS: Daphne’s grant and proposal writing services have resulted in millions of dollars of local, state, federal and foundation awards and private sector funding, spanning 14 years of experience.


Countless new business offerings, programs, products and services have come to life through Daphne’s visionary approach to matching a company’s mission and strengths with opportunities for growth, enhancement and expansion.


Daphne is regularly published as an author through a variety of media and has ghost-written, co-authored and written published articles on behalf of many clients, further positioning them as experts in their field. Daphne currently has two books under development, co-authored with a client.


Daphne’s copywriting and graphic design skills are engaging and action-oriented, amplifying brands from diverse industries.


Combined, these strategies have generated revenue; lead to procuring private investments, grants and contracts; and helped businesses survive and grow.

You can visit Daphne on her blog:; check her out on LinkedIn:; or contact her directly via email:
A link to some published articles:
  • Freelance Writing: articles, blogging, grants, proposals, books, business writing, press releases, business plans, strategic plans, communications plans, marketing plans, white papers, copywriting, research, editing
  • Communications Consulting: strategy, implementation, collaborations/community partnerships, media relations, new media/social networking, crisis management
  • Training/Public Speaking: writing for dollars, winning proposals, winning presentations, media literacy, freelance writing, grants/nonprofit development, communications/marketing, community development, personal branding, internet safety, social marketing
  • Design: photo journalism & graphic design: logos, multi-media presentations/PowerPoint, posters, brochures, web design

Please feel free to contact me directly at

Dare to be great!  –Daphne

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