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Another sampling of freelance articles

I have two primary publications where my work can be found regularly, beginning with SaintPetersBlog, which is a first-rate St. Petersburg-based blog that covers government and politics in the city and county and even federal levels with a huge emphasis on state. Primarily, I lend a hand with city and county coverage. You’ll see quite a few articles that I’ve had published on SaintPetersBlog also placed here on my personal blog. Sometimes I post previews, insights, updates or unedited drafts here for a different view–mine. Here’s a sample of my most recent work:

  • An interview with Pinellas County Sheriff’s candidate Scott Swope — I was surprised to learn about what a strong candidate Swope was during this interview. Unfortunately, the buzz is true: he’s not getting the media coverage he deserves. Hopefully, this article helps some. Tampa Bay Times, it’s your turn!
  • An Interview with Pinellas County Commissioner Kenneth Welch — I’m biased. As far as politicians go, Ken is certainly one of my favorites. I’d have a hard time finding a politico that is more accessible to his constituents, more likely to roll up his sleeves and work for causes and issues he believes in, and more outspoken to raise issues important to the community he represents. Thanks, Ken.
  • A conversation with County Commissioner Neil Brickfield — Funny story. I had been doing so many interviews on candidates for Pinellas County School Board, even knowing full-well that Brickfield was a county commissioner, I had it in my head that he was running for school board when I called him. Genuinely puzzled about why a commissioner would want to run for school board, he answered by nearly choking on the water he was sipping, assuring me that he was not. Commissioner is his spot of choice–of which I was greatly relieved, personally pleased with the work he does there…
  • Profile of Pinellas County School Board Candidate Jim Jackson –What a great conversation! Talking to this guy for the first time was like talking to a long-lost friend, who is really smart with solid priorites and solutions for our youth and education.
  • A conversation with Pinellas County School Board candidate Rene Flowers –I spent the evening with Rene Flowers that turned out to be profound beyond words. I joined her to hear school children, young girls, read essays about black on black crime. I heard these youths talk about loved ones and family members killed and incarcerated as though it were a normal occurrence for families. Some found it hard to identify that black on black crime actually affected them much even as tears streamed down their faces. What was more profound was the incredible talent these children displayed–in their writing and in their speaking. I am still blown away. Oh, and Flowers was remarkable as well, but she was certainly upstaged that evening. She was meant to be.

The other place that my work appears regularly is on the iLovetheBurg blog. What was intended to be a brief 3-week gig has turned into a summer job, at least. I’m happy to be working with these guys who have a great passion for St. Pete and keep their fingers on the pulse of the cool things that keep the town beating. A previous post has a few of these story links–here are a couple more…

  • Proving solar can be affordable –Farias Marketing Group is committed to leading St. Pete into a genuine position as a “Green City.” Here’s just one example fo the work they are doing. NOTE: Some of the copyediting was a little rough, making a few choppy sentences and transitions, but the story is still there.
  • Snapshots: Mark Sforzini of the St. Petersburg Opera –LOVED THIS! Okay, I have to. I’m a former professional classical singer, and this opera company here in St. Pete is magical. What they can do with a small budget and a small but beautiful space (The Palladium) is extraordinary.
  • BONUS: Mark Sforzini –Here is the link to the unedited copy of the article above along with the transcript of the full interview

Quick Note on Blogging: Thank you to my editors–YOU!

ImageIn the age of instant news, bloggeres tend to have an advantage on breaking what’s going on in the world. Editors don’t have to pour over grammar and punctuation, the fact-checking team is permanently out-to-lunch, and usually there’s just a sole blogger out there trying to get the story written down and posted rapidly to keep you, the reader, up to speed.

Oh, yes. There is a bit of danger inherent in this craft – missing a second pair of eyes editing and fact-checking means that errors, sometimes embarrassing errors, can get published. Can and do.

And I say – that’s okay. We admit guilt. Apologize. Make needed revisions and/or explanations and retractions if it was really aweful… Our editors? Well, most often, they are you!

This is great! Why? For many reasons–it provides that great dialogue, the reader/participant experience that is so awesome about blogging. You, the readers, the audience that we bleed our words out for, you are a part of our stories. We actively listen to you, learn from you and communicate with you. And I thank you and offer my sincere gratitude for all of your feedback and comments on every story. You make us better in every way.

Some guest writing I’ve been doing in the ‘Burg

It’s true – I’ve been a brief stand-in at the iLovetheBurg blog. For three weeks only (I’m into my third week now), I’ve been lending a hand with some copy layout and uploads and even some writing. About the writing…

I did not get a byline for stories or credit for photos published here, and that’s fair because I also didn’t complain about some of the editing (*whistles uncomfortably*). A few abrupt slice and dices with a heavy editing hand make for occasional grammatically awkward reads at times, but the stories still seem to be intact.

Anyway, here are the links for the work so far.

1) Fit2Run is the first major retail store to open in downtown in quite some time–coming in August. I interviewed the owner and the soon-to-be store manager. And, I really did mean that part about the clumsy editing–see both versions of the copy for Fit2Run article for an example:

2) The Chattaway. Here’s a great piece about an old Florida burger joint. My dad used to take me here a lot when I was a kid. Great memories, and it was so much fun to relive the history of this amazing St. Pete landmark. I wrote the copy, and the photographs were taken by local poet and photographer R. MonaLeza – she had her first Chattaburger that day!

3) City Cycle Tours recently closed up shop. Why? Will they come back? Will they refund deposits to customers? St. Pete City Councilmember Karl Nurse spoke a little about it as did a representative of PedalPub–an operation similar to City Cycle Tours in downtown St. Pete. To be fair, this article was written the day they closed their doors–I have no idea if they’ve made any attempts to settle obligations to customers or communicated with them since.

4) Beak’s Old Florida — I discovered whilst hanging out at another of my favorite joints, The Queens Head Eurobar, located across the street. Anyway, both places are a sight to behold, indeed. Here’s a peek into Beaks (I plan to cover Queens Head Saturday). I wrote the copy and took the photos on this one.

I’ll have a few more before I leave, following my three week tour of duty. I’ll include those on a separate post once I close out this gig. Meanwhile, happy trails!

Update: Looks like this gig is gonna last beyond 3 weeks – at least through the summer…

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