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How to write an email (oh I know… you THINK you already know)

  1. Spend one sentence summarizing your point, your FIRST sentence. Why? Smart phones aren’t really all that smart. Worse, they tend to cause or enhance ADHD in their useres, showing a limited view of your text up front, and enticing users to bounce around on topics without reading the full email. Worse still, smart phones are EVERYWHERE! So, just assume your email recipient is using one when reading your email
  2. Email is NOT sooooo 20th Century. It’s still a critical communication medium. Don’t assume everyone is reading their Facebook updates all the time. Take a second to send an email. It’s bad enought that hand-written letters are archaic. eMail is not. Use it.
  3. Email, at best, is interactive. Hyperlinks are fantastic ways to keep messages short while providing additional information. Eg, when inviting someone to a new restaurant, email them a link to the place where they can get directions, look at a menu, the decor, etc.
  4. When in doubt, don’t send it. If you’ve written something, particualrly a negative something, and you’re hesitating sending it, hesitate forever, and delete it. Don’t send. At least, save it as a draft and wait a day or two. If at that point you no longer doubt wheather you should send–you feel strongly that you should send–okay, click send. But, don;t say I didn’t warn you.
  5. Keep in touch via email. Facebook and other social networking sites are a good way to reach multiple “friends” at once and keep them up-to-date on you, it’s quite passive and impersonal. While I still recommend a hand-written letter or at least a card now and then, at least send an email. Make it personal, one-on-one. Let people know you’re meaning to speak specifically to them. Connect.

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