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The failure study.

There are few things under the sun of which you can take complete credit. Failure is one of these things. In fact, the more astounding the failure, the more likely you will find the world is willing to give you complete solitary credit. Rarely will you find that little dude in the corner sulking because he didn’t get mentioned in the acknowledgments of a flop. So, go ahead and push out your chest and strut around the room like a cock that just impregnated 1,000 chickens. This is your time. Your 15 minutes. The stage is yours, and there are no others crowding up the space. Now, here’s the punchline: I’m not being sarcastic.

Here it is: If you have failed–really failed, If you’re facing consequences and others have suffered, it means you tried. Maybe you didn’t try hard enough–maybe you did. Maybe you weren’t fully prepared–maybe you were. Maybe you were forced to work on a team with a dozen idiots–maybe you were the idiot. Doesn’t matter. You put yourself out there. And YOU failed.

Now, assuming you are capable of making a full recovery, and then some. You already know if you are or not. Go out and stare at a tree or a flower, maybe a blade of grass. Clear your mind. Relax. Now list the top ten things you will need to do immediately to recover from your failure, including ensuring that you don’t have a repeat performance (make sure these things are legal, you can do them on your own and you can guarantee success). Read that list carefully and make sure your most important items are on top with least important at the bottom. Cross out the last five items. They don’t matter. Take the top five items and turn them into action steps with concrete deadlines. Take those action steps and meet your deadlines.

Once done, you have not only learned from your failure, which you took complete credit for, you will also be solely responsible for your recovery, and most likely, your next success. A rare thing, indeed.

Try –> fail –> learn –> try –> success

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