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What’s on your mind? C’mon… spill it. I dare you.

I bite my tongue so much throughout the course of a day that I’m going to need stitches very soon!

See, it goes something like this: some innocent soul asks a question, and I want to go on a 20 minute monologue on every detail about the subject that bothers me, what should really be done about it, all the barriers (usually people) that impede progress and why things will actually never change… blah, blah, blah. 

Thank fully, while my head is cluttered with this toxic stuff, I usually just spout out a short, well-thout, polite answer, and all is well. And these answers, while edited, are most sincere.  It’s just absent of all the rambling, rumbeling spontaneous chatter cluttering my head, and this is a good thing. People are happy, I communicate what’s needed, sound information is passed forward, and life goes on.

Yeeeeeeeeet, on occasion my filter is weak, and a bit of that toxic stuff comes leaking out. Sometimes it’s more than a bit–a lot more–it just flows. Then, I usually find myself standing in front of some nervous person who has no idea how to respond to the bile I’ve just puddled on the floor between us. I proceed to smile uncomfortably and try to wipe up the mess, “nothing to see here!” still leaving a bit of stain, a lingering unpleasant memory for us both that never really goes away.

Now what? I’m not in the mood for censors right now. Not mine and not yours.

SO NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO LEAVE YOUR SENSOR AT THE DOOR. Here is an open invitation to rant and rave about anything–job, culture, economy, politics, trends… anything!

So, what’s on your mind? No spills need to be cleaned up here. Just an open forum and interested eyes. Tell me what’s going on. I want to communicate with you about your thoughts. Any takers?

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