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Why look for a job? Create one.

Here are 7 self-employment opportunities most people have the qualifications to do:

  1. Virtual Assistant–some skills are absolutely required such as computer skills, typing, verbal and written communication, organization, problem-solving, scheduling, appointment setting, booking travel and budgeting/bookkeeping/finance are some of the top skills needed for this job. But, if you have extensive office experience and find yourself out of a job, this may be a good fit for you. Essentially, you provide administrative/executive assistant services to businesses and individuals from a remote location. This saves your clients money as you are an independent agent versus an employee needing benefits and office space. It offers you the opportunity to work with more than one client, increasing your income potential while allowing you the freedom to work from home or any other remote location.
  2. Baking–specific to Florida and any other states who have passed Cottage Food Laws. July 1, 2011, the State of Florida passed its Cottage Food Law, allowing individuals to prepare certain food items, such as baked goods, for sale. This law allows individuals the opportunity to prepare these foods in their homes without needing a license or a commercially certified kitchen. There are specific parameters within the law, such as the fact that you cannot earn more than $15,000/year through the sale of your food items, so please read the law in full for the details. What this law can do is afford an individual the ability to launch a small-scale business from their home while working to grow the business to commercial standards that could eventually turn into a full-time, sustainable and profitable business.
  3. Lawn care–most home owners already have the tools at their disposal to launch a lawn care business. Lawn mower, weed eater, blower, rake, clippers, etc. are just a few of the basic tools of the trade. You will also need a means of transporting your equipment to jobs such as a truck or trailer. But, with the right tools and a lot of hard work, you could be ono your way to financial independence.
  4. Pet care–if you love animals, especially if you know how to care for more exotic pets such as reptiles, birds and fish, this could be a great income-making venture. Look on-line and in your own neighborhood to check out your competition and to get ideas of how you might structure your business. You could begin with dog walking or perhaps if you have the space in your home, setting up a doggie daycare. If you’re thinking about doing in-home care, make sure to check out bonding and insurance needs for the industry.
  5. Handyman or woman–do you know how to fix many simple things around the house for basic upkeep and repairs? Do you have the tools needed to get the job done? Maybe you can turn this into an income-making skill. Begin by doing small jobs for people in need and collect references and distribute business cards and fliers liberally throughout your neighborhood. You might be surprised how quickly your handy skills around the house can begin bringing money in the door.
  6. Cleaning–home and commercial cleaning businesses continue to be in demand. Start small and offer any unique services that may help propel your marketability to the top of your competition. Do you know how to polish silver and care for fine art? Do you know formulas for non-toxic cleaning solutions made from organic materials? Maybe you can extend internal house cleaning to include external cleaning if you have a power washer or other such tools at hand.
  7. Whatever you do best–make a list of your best skills and experience, whether you’ve been paid to do these things before or not means nothing. if you do it well, it’s a skill you can be paid to do. Now, turn that skill into a business venture, and you’re on your way to success.

Know that it is important to consider items such as licences, insurances, bonding, taxes, bookkeeping, marketing and capital to get any business started. There are some industries that have specific requirements, so please do your research. Also, consider partnering with someone else or a group of people to share resources and get something started. The most successful businesses and collaborations begin with identifying a problem that needs to be solved then providing that solution through a business. What problem do you see other people and/or businesses have, and how can you provide goods or services to help address that problem? Now, do it.

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